Top 100 Award


AiMESS is "TOP100"- innovator

Bild: Top 100 Award

AiMESS Services, as one of the most innovative medium-sized businesses in Germany, has received the award “top 100 innovator”. The award has been given to 116 companies with outstanding innovative achievements. For AiMESS, it’s the second year in a row that the company is winning this award.

The criteria for the evaluation of the companies include, for example, the formulation of innovation strategies, the extent to which innovations management is defined as a boardroom issue and whether sufficient funds are provided for research and development. With the respect to all criteria, AiMESS Services could persuade the judges.

“We at AiMESS Services are like a big family. We’ve turned our passion to profession,” assures the company’s co-president David Nabs. “Sometimes, it can happen that we only ask a question, and as a consequence, heaps of new ideas are produced,” adds Hendrik Richter, the other president of the service measurement company. Another plus is the versatile age structure: Young engineers around 25 meet experienced staff of 50 years and older.

Due to the small size of the company, the presidents are able to deal with all suggestions themselves. “We keep any idea,” says Richter. “Even if we don’t make use of it now, we may use it in the future. Thus, nothing gets lost.” Suggestions for improvements don’t only come from the staff, but also from customers.


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