Inspection & calibration

Inspection & calibration

Our customers’ needs and concerns in geometrical measurements determine the type of measurement technique employed. Our employees have comprehensive experience with various measurement systems.

Industrial measurements

  • Inspection, certification, and calibration of tools (e.g. automotive, aerospace and ship building jigs and fixtures, robot cells and robots, rotating double sided tolls, compensation measurements)
  • Surface measurements (Reverse engineering, digitizing of surfaces, CAD comparison)
  • Repeatability and variation analysis (e.g. root cause analysis, positional accuracy and repeatability of robots)

Machine measurements

  • Measurement of machine errors
  • Machine monitoring

Engineer surveying

  • Surveying and adjusting heavy ion accelerators
  • Surveying of rotating mixing ovens in cement plants
  • Surveying of satellite antennas
  • Inspection measurements in civil engineering fields


  • We measure on-site
  • No transportation of the measurement object, no loss of time
  • Application of different measurement technologies (1D, 2D, 3D, 6D)


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