Wind energy

Our service package for the wind energy sector

Technicians and engineers working in the area of wind energy have to deal with different requirements depending on the complexity of the component. However, no matter how elaborate the part, it has to meet strict accuracy standards.

With Aimess Services, you are on the safe side. We inspect your rotor hubs, gear casings, drive shafts, rotor blades, tower segments, and many more parts with highest precision. We help you reduce your costs and expenditure of time. Our measurements enable you to minimize the casting material needed and to guarantee enough cover material at the same time.

As we are conducting the measurements right onsite by using our portable 3D and 6D coordinate measuring machines, unnecessary transportations of the segments are avoided. We help you to increase the quality of your parts and minimize the processing time. Your customers will be satisfied, and superfluous discussions are a thing of the past.


  • We measure on-site
  • We help you safe time and money
  • Increase of component quality


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