Casting industry

Our service package for the casting industry

No matter which business field – wind energy, ship building, aerospace or automotive – casting is a complex process. Aimess Services help you now to increase your efficiency by saving time and money.

With our measurements you can minimize material and guarantee material cover at the same time. Moreover, we check your molds and cores and support you with on-site scribing which avoids unnecessary transportations of the work piece. Already before working on a part, we can tell you if it disposes of enough cover material. It is also possible to fit defective parts subsequently. For this purpose, Aimess Services use a portable 3D coordinate measuring machine that is equipped with a punch tool.

We help you increase the quality of your parts and minimize the processing time. Your customers will be satisfied, and superfluous discussions are a thing of the past.


  • One partner for all your measurement tasks
  • Saving of time and money
  • Excess material is guaranteed
  • Added value
  • Avoiding “trial and error“
  • Reduction of scrap
  • Use of CAD data for comparison of actual to nominal data
  • Better quality and increase of customer satisfaction


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