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AiMESS Services selected as “National Champion”

Bild: European Business Awards

The organizers of the prestigious European Business Awards have bestowed the title “National Champion” upon AiMESS Services. Now, the German measurement experts are allowed to progress to the next round of the international competition and represent Germany in the category “UKTI Award for Innovation”.

“It has been very difficult to choose between so many highly successful and resourceful companies who have shown that they are the best at what they do,” admitted Philip Forest, Chairman of Judges for the European Business Awards, after the public announcement of the “National Champions”.

In case of AiMESS Services, the decision makers were particularly impressed with the outstanding innovative strength of the company’s measurement concepts and technical developments. Together with well-known German industrial corporations, AiMESS Services have worked out a measurement process that allows foundries to measure casting parts on-site in order to eliminate defects before final manipulation. Not only saves this new procedure time, it also reduces scrap significantly. The whole production process becomes more reliable, and output quality increases.

Moreover, AiMESS Services have developed a new type of infrared 3D scanner called R3Dscan that makes use of an infrared detector for tracing the energy that is absorbed by the measurement object and converted into heat. The patented R3Dscan is the only scanner world-wide that digitizes objects with transparent, very dark or reflective surfaces without putting spray on the object. The range of application is wide: In vehicle manufacturing, it is used for scanning windscreens, indicators and headlights and for digitizing black plastic parts inside a vehicle. When producing mobile phones, it scans casings and displays. And in LED manufacturing, the system is applied for acquiring the produced articles three dimensionally in a fast and easy way.

“At AiMESS Services, we are absolutely thrilled to be selected as a ‘National Champion’,” affirms Hendrik Richter, president of AiMESS Services GmbH. “This award acknowledges the high quality of our activities. The time since the founding of our company six years ago has flown by! We have both been able to find a market niche for our measurement services, and we have aroused our vision of an infrared scanner by creating a measurement system which is unique across the globe. Competing against top-businesses from around Europe for winning the ‘UKTI Award for Innovation’ is a great honor and a fantastic success for the whole AiMESS team.”

The European Business Awards have been awarded since 2007. Last year, more than 15,000 companies from 30 countries took part in the competition. The winners of all award categories will be announced in May 2014.


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