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AiMESS team takes part in driver safety training

Bild: driver safety training

Braking, counter steering or avoiding other cars – most of our colleagues travel many kilometers every week and have to cope with busy traffic. To prepare our staff for the challenges of long, maybe exhausting car rides, we have arranged a driver safety training for the whole AiMESS team.

The training took place at the airport Obermehler, about 200 km away from AiMESS’ home town Burg.

“Nothing is better than a practical training session for learning how to drive safely in dangerous situations. Our training took place under professional supervision on a unique track designed to simulate tricky road scenarios. Even special task forces from the German police do their training on this particular track,” explains Hendrik Richter, president of AiMESS.

Once the “conservative“ part of the training had been done, a special treat was waiting for the AiMESS crew: Driving super sports cars on a closed runway! Each participant could test drive the whole vehicle portfolio of the rental car company Motion Drive – from a Porsche 911 to a Lamborghini Gallardo. This meant: Getting the kick of driving an exotic car, and at the same time applying what had been learned during the prior training session.

“We’ve had an awesome day,“ summarizes Hendrik Richter the event. “Not only was the driver safety training a great experience for the whole team, we’ve also acquired important skills that may be vital at some point.”


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