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The R3Dscan steals the show from white light scanners

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Six months ago, the infrared scanner R3Dscan was showcased for the very first time. Much has happened since that initial presentation!

The 3D infrared scanner R3Dscan digitizes transparent, very dark and reflective object surfaces without prior spraying or placing of markers. Since the first public presentation in May 2013, AiMESS’ development team has been working at a great pace to refine the system. The effort has paid off: Today, the R3Dscan offers a better performance, embedded in a smaller housing.

Inline ability
In the last months, we have particularly paid attention to the application of the R3Dscan in large-scale production within the (automotive) process chain. As the infrared scanner works without prior spraying, it is possible to use the system within the production line and inspect objects in production speed.

In order to secure its suitability for daily use, we cooperate with well-known companies such as SLCR Lasertechnik, Adam Opel, ThyssenKrupp Tailored Blanks und ZF Friedrichshafen. We work together with the above-named companies and the vehicle institute as well as the welding and joining institute of RWTH Aachen University in the course of the project “process-oriented investigation of photonic tools for adhering multi material light weight structures in the automobile”.

Reduction of housing volume
Great performance in a small format: Compared to the measuring system presented in May, we have managed to reduce the volume of the housing by 40 percent. This reduction of material and size leads to an optimized light path during the measurement – and, of course, it facilitates the handling.

We belong to the first manufacturers who specify the capability of the system according to VDI/VDE 2634. Thus, we ensure the execution of acceptance tests in line with guidelines and standards.

Heat insensitivity
Thanks to a new cooling concept, the R3Dscan can be operated at ambient temperatures of more than 30°C (86°F).

Universal application
How large is the maximum field of view that the R3Dscan can possibly cover? And what are the requirements for measuring complex transparent, very dark or reflective parts? These aspects, and more, are investigated by our development team. For this purpose, several companies have provided us with sample components which enable us to do intensive testing on the R3Dscan.

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