AiMESS Services belongs to the best SMEs in Germany

Bild: Award

The Oskar-Patzelt-Foundation awards one of the most desired prizes in Germany. More than 4,035 companies, banks and municipalities were nominated this year – among them AiMESS Services. The award ceremony took place last weekend, and the AiMESS team went all the way to the finals of the top-eight-businesses of the federal state Sachsen-Anhalt.

The laudation emphasized the innovative ideas the AiMESS team has come up with since the company’s foundation in 2007. Especially the development of the 3D scanner R3Dscan, that was launched in May 2013 and which is now sold via the subsidiary company AiMESS Products, impressed the jury. The R3Dscan is based on a cutting-edge measurement principle that makes use of an infrared detector for tracing the energy that is absorbed by an object and converted into heat – a completely new approach for measuring geometrical parameters.

This revolutionary approach offers clear advantages: The R3Dscan is the only scanner world-wide that can digitize transparent surfaces such as wind shields of cars without surface preparation. Thus, the high end system solves many problems of manufacturing companies.

The result of AiMESS’ innovative business climate can be quantified: “In 2011, we were able to reduce our costs by 40,000 Euros thanks to our employees’ ideas. Market innovations and innovative product improvements account for 40 percent of our revenues,” explains Hendrik Richter.

„This is the third prize that we’ve received in the last few months, next to the ’IQ Innovation Award“ and the ‘National Champion’ award. We are very proud of what we have accomplished”, adds David Nabs. “These grand awards are a motivation for all of our team members who have done a terrific job.”

[Photo LTR: Hendrik Richter and David Nabs, presidents of AiMESS Services GmbH; Gerhard Simon, president of Gehring Naumburg GmbH & Co. KG; Uwe Stieger and Hartmut Ernst, president of Fliesen Ernst & Stieger GmbH; Bettina Kretschmer, president of CONTALL Container & Behälterbau Kretschmer GmbH / Credit: Boris Löffert]


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